About The Developer

WordPress Guru

Based in Los Angeles, CA. with 11 years experience in web development and coding using HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery & Java script. Developing responsive  websites that look beautiful on all platforms and devices.  I love constructing custom websites for each customer’s specific needs. Creating the logos or trademarks that gives the website a unique and memorable identity is especially rewarding. I have driven past many businesses and seen the work I do on buildings, windows and products. 

My new passion is helping the customer become more in charge of their own website. I’ve been using WordPress more and more because it allows me to develop the website from anywhere in the world. I do not need to have my personal computer to update or troubleshoot a website because WordPress allows the entire site to be self-contained online. I can then show the customer how to make small changes to their site if they choose to be that involved. They often feel a sense of accomplishment when they get involved in making updates and changes. But, it isn’t mandatory to get involved at that level. 

My number one desire is to help people see their goals online achieved. You can reach more people from your computer in one hour than in person over your whole lifetime. – Unless you’re Tony Robbins lol

Kyle Web Designs is the solution for website design & graphic design needs. Logo designs, product designs, marketing goals & strategies, web commercials and marketing strategies can be developed for those looking to branch out into an expanded market online and in the real world. Social media campaigns, poster ads,  marketing and promotional items are all within what we do here. Ask about these possibilities for a your project.

Email: info@kylewebdesigns.com