Branding / Logos

Branding is simply a word used to describe what happens when you or your work becomes popular by name or image. This starts with a name logo or image logo. First step to Branding… a logo or trademark.

I have been hired for many graphic design projects. Logos, trademarks, product designs, social media avatars, marketing and promotional accessories etc. Things like T-Shirts, web art and stickers are often used to promote and market a project.

A few projects I’ve worked on includes a label and logo for a Bicycle shop in North Hollywood, Ca

The Shop selected the logo on the right. Below are the other options I created for them. 

Another project I worked on was for an energy drink company called GenX. They later changed their name to PowerX. I created their logo, the Can label and a trademark as well as a number of promotional posters.

Below are the Can label, the Can mock-up, the trademark and an Ad.

Power-X promotional Ad

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