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Shopify is an e-Commerce platform used to create online store of every kind. Wether its for selling t-shirts, women’s and men’s clothing, baby clothes. Clothing for dogs or cats. Glasses, hats, scarfs, workout clothes, workout supplements, musical equipment, cars, boats… anything you can think of you can sell on Shopify.  

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I have created around 20 Shopify stores for myself (3) and others over the past two years and would be considered an expert by most. From you Shopify store you can create a store that connects directly with Whole-sellers for clothes, outdoor gear, camping gear, shoes and more. Almost any product can be brought into your Shopify store and sold directly to those who follow you and more. You can Fulfill orders in a single step on your store. All automated to handle to orders and ship them out to customers. 

Shopify has a system that allows you to use Amazon, Facebook,  and Pinterest to sell your items automatically from your store. You can accept credit cards instantly with Shopify Payments. 

$29 a month for a basic store. These stores still pack a strong punch and can be enough for most beginners. 

$79 a month for the those whose business is growing and needs extra muscle. 

And $299 a month for those who have grown so large they need corporate level infrastructure power for their store. 

Kyle Web Designs - e-Commerce

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Kyle Web Designs e-Commerce

Consistency and attention to the small things is the key to your success with e-Commerce. Having a lot of followers on social media is also important. That’s the beginning of your growth. 

Marketing and promotions are also very important. Social media can get you traffic to your store but can you convert them to purchasers? Are you selling what your public wants to buy? These answer determine your success