Social Media Integration

“SEO” – Search Engine Optimization – is the process of maximizing the chances your website will show up in the top results of the first page of a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing when someone searches for services that your company or website provides. Often people don’t look at the second page of a search, so the goal of SEO is to create a high visibility on the Internet for your company or website. Ultimately this can bring you a large volume of traffic (visitors) to your website. Visitors that can be converted into customers or financial opportunities.


Kyle Web Design social media intagration

Contact us today and let us know how we may help you create a more optimal presence on the Internet or how we can refresh your presence on the web in a short time. Using todays techniques in marketing and yesterdays methods of promotion can make all the difference.

SEO involves social media, and branding, but the real work starts in the construction of your website. Keywords, alternate text on photos,  clean clear descriptions, proper URL links, getting other websites engaged in your website and having them link back to your site, photos or videos. Google started their cataloging of the Internet by listing sites that had the most links and referrals back to those sites from other sites. Google would  consider the number of referrals to these sites the measurement of that site’s relevancy and the most referrals would send those sites to the top of search results. That is no longer the way Google measures relevancy but the rules still help your website’s optimization. Plus we have competing search engines today. They’re all competing for 2nd place behind Google but its still a competition.  Get a free quote today.