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Start your website today. Your business or talent can be found online by the right people. Let’s make that happen in one week. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Before a website is constructed it must be develop. What name you’ll use, the hosting. What message you would like to relay to your market or audience. Its a lot more than some would imagine. So I’m going to give you a check-list that should make the process easier.

The Checklist

  • The Domain Name – this is the name of your business or your idea. One thing to keep in mind is the name should reflect your complete concept without being too long. Example: “The International House Of Pancakes” is too long. They learned that many years ago. So they and we all call it IHOP. Keep this concept in mind. If someone types a long name incorrectly they may not find your site.
  • Hosting – Hosting a website is basically renting space on the Internet for your website. We can host your website at a discount.
  • The Information – the information for the site includes the concept or items involved on your site. For instance, if the site is for a sports team, you will  list the name of the sport and the team’s name. Where they are from, what their history is, who’s on the team, where they play, their schedule etc. You will also give details of any kind which you would like the public to know about.
  • Photos & Videos – you want lots of photos for the site. All websites consist of visual guides. Photos make a site pop and gives it a life almost like reality. The heading, which we call the header, should be a statement for those who visit the site. Videos are also awesome for the site. If you’d like your site to be very popular you must find ways to keep people on your site. Videos are a great way to keep visitors on your site for a prolonged period of time. Videos are entertaining and also highly informational. Your site can almost take the place of actual human contact in some cases. There are instances where people have learned their work skills completely online using text guides and videos. 
  • Quality – this goes to the quality of the photos and videos. Photo quality should be as high definition as possible. 700px and higher is preferable. The photo I have on the front page of this site is 2000px. By the way px stands for pixels. Pixels is an increment of measuring the size of something. Like inches, feet or meters.
  • The Menu –  the menu is simply the names of the pages for your website. So if you’re making a site for an actor your menu names or page names could be – Home – About me – Bio – Credits  or  Resume – Contact Me. Or for an e-Commerce store your menu could be – Home – About – Shop – Returns – Cart – Checkout – Contact and so on. 
  • The Rules/Policy – your website may need to have rules and an agreement on how you would like visitors to interact with and on your site. You may also want to help visitors understand how the site works and how they can best benefit using your website. Also if they make a purchase you may want them to know if they can return items on if they can alter items after they purchase them etc. 
  • About You or The Team –  it is always better when you introduce yourself or the team who are behind what is happening on the website. This doesn’t mean introduce the website builder, it means introduce the people behind the product or the history of the product or team as I mentioned before. The public has many many choices online. What makes them decide to interact with your website may be as simple as making them feel they know a little about you.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Information
  • Photos & Videos
  • Menu list
  • Rules / Policy
  • About Us

Website Layout Mock-up

Of course your mock-up may not look like this. Websites have a more sophisticated design today. We will help if you are not able to do this

You would then send all those details to us via email and we will get started. Checking with you along the way to make sure the construction is going according to your vision.